Globalworx GmbH


Globalworx GmbH is the German’s frontrunner for the Advanced Monitoring Solutions, Regulated Internet of Thing and Supply Partner Selection. We know the ins and outs of the GDP industry and understand the everyday challenges our customer may encounter.


We manufacture and distribute reliable, secure and cost-effective monitoring solutions and assist in implementing them.


We believe in wireless Bluetooth® Technology because of time saving and errors reduction


We supply Real-Time Monitoring that you always know where and how your property is


The TEMPegg® you can read everywhere either by smartphone or by diodes or using your PC, even in extreme conditions such as wilderness, forest or high sea because they are independent of GSM or GPS


The reading is utterly simple and requires no training. Therefore, it is easy to change the system with no additional costs


You do not need to search for TEMPegg®, because they will find you due to permanently sending connections signals.  This is very important while receiving the new stock in your warehouse


And in case of excursion, just upload the monitoring results on your company cloud or into your company ERP, having only one instead of many systems


And in case you want it, remember, USB is old, and Bluetooth is new, but the price is for TEMPegg® the same








Ready to measure

Unique sensor device


Easy to check

Application for users


Prepared for monitoring

Software for analysis


Our solutions with the unique features on the market